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More sex and death from iconoclast Kim Ki-Young in this bizarre and beautifully shot 'Scope drama. It takes the form of an investigation by a resort promoter and a newspaper editor of the strange death of an Iodo islander turned ecology reporter, who disappears overboard on a trip back to the island. Unfolding in flashback, it relates in mock mythological terms the fate of the island, populated almost entirely by Amazon-like female deep sea divers and their shamans. Atmospheric, ghostly and oneiric, it's a Freudian mind-boggler, filled with male sexual anxiety, culminating in one of the most shocking copulatory denouements in the movies.

By: WH


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Kim Ki-Young
Lee Hwa-si
Kim Jong-choi
Choi Yun-sok
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