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Iraq for Sale

  • Film

Time Out says

An IED of populist outrage from muckraker extraordinaire Robert Greenwald (Outfoxed), Iraq for Sale aggregates tales of high treason on the part of corporations like Blackwater, CACI and especially Halliburton to reveal Milo Minderbinder triumphant: Relying on privatization and cronyism in Iraq, the U.S. government doesn’t need to manufacture avarice, fierce incompetence and an odious disregard for employee safety abroad—it’s clearly an importable commodity. Greenwald’s stock tactics (splashy graphics, an ominous score, spotty photography) won’t convert anyone, but his interviews with incredulous former contractors and the families of slain ones ought to incite fresh indignation, if not outright insurrection. (Opens Fri; Quad.) — Mark Holcomb

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