Island, The


Time Out says

Peter Benchley's script from his own novel is a mad concoction in which Michael Caine and son stumble on a Caribbean island inhabited by bloodthirsty pirates, inbred over 300 years and now sterile, who survive by plundering consumer goodies from luxury yachts. Caine is designated as stud to the only female capable of child-bearing, the son is happily absorbed into the patriarchal dream world, and a thoroughly Oedipal conflict begins between the pair which looks like ending in patricide. The plot's inversion of Lord of the Flies (adults without children running amok on an island paradise), the inanely prattling buccaneers straight out of Disneyland, and the anti-materialist glee of their attack against the rich - smashing videos and taunting sunbathers - all add up to one of the most ludicrous yet entertaining mis-hits since The Other Side of Midnight.

By: DP


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Ritchie
Peter Benchley
Michael Caine
David Warner
Angela Punch McGregor
Frank Middlemass
Don Henderson
Dudley Sutton
Colin Jeavons
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