It Came from Outer Space

Film, Science fiction
It Came from Outer Space

Time Out says

An early attempt at the theme of an encounter with benign but awe-inspiring aliens. The script (nominally from Ray Bradbury's story The Meteor) rattles through all the formulary clichés: an amateur astronomer who 'understands', a belligerent sheriff, a woman used as a pawn. But seen in its original 3-D, it's clear that Arnold's direction gives it more than a passing lift. He isn't much good with his second-rate cast, but his compositions in depth are consistently interesting, and his sparing use of special effects keeps the level of visual interest high. The 3-D process leaves the image somewhat murky, but you can discern sparks of authentic pulp poetry throughout.

By: TR


Release details

81 mins

Cast and crew

Jack Arnold
Harry Essex
Charles Drake
Barbara Rush
Joseph Sawyer
Richard Carlson
Russell Johnson
Kathleen Hughes
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