It's a Wonderful World


Time Out says

Groan-worthy British musical comedy from the days before rock'n'roll. Cole (at his spivviest) and Morgan are a couple of hard-pressed songwriters, about to be chucked out of their digs by landlady Harrison, when they get their big break - fellow lodger Demongeot, a young mademoiselle in England for her studies, manages to sell one of their tunes to the Ted Heath orchestra. The ensuing complications are unsurprising, but there are enough familiar faces in the cast to make you feel at home, and a pleasing diversion when our chaps pass off a backwards recording as their new progressive jazz opus 'City of Lost Souls'.

By: TJ


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Val Guest
Val Guest
Terence Morgan
George Cole
Kathleen Harrison
Mylène Demongeot
James Hayter
Richard Wattis
Ted Heath and His Music
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