It's My Party


Time Out says

Nick (Roberts) is a Los Angeles architect, HIV-positive and now, says his doctor, suffering progressive brain lesions, giving him perhaps another ten days of consciousness. Time to implement Plan B: one final shindig with family and friends, at the end of which Nick will take an overdose, dignity intact. But he won't, or can't, invite Brandon (Harrison), his ex-lover with whom he parted acrimoniously after testing positive. Most of the film consists of Nick's two-day party, at which the ensemble cast mill around, joke and squabble, and gradually slide into a ruminative disconsolateness. Brandon too turns up, is first shunned, and finally makes his peace with Nick. Despite the occasional longueur, all this is quietly engaging. Still, for a weepie, let alone one about AIDS, it's peculiarly upbeat. The real traumas stay in flashbacks, to the death of other infected friends, or in photos arranged in testament on Nick's wall; even moments of frisson, as when Nick's estranged father appears unexpectedly, are kept to the edges of frame.


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Randal Kleiser
Randal Kleiser
Eric Roberts
Gregory Harrison
Lee Grant
Marlee Matlin
Bronson Pinchot
Margaret Cho
Olivia Newton-John
Roddy McDowall
Bruce Davison
George Segal
Sally Kellerman
Nina Foch
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