I've Gotta Horse


Time Out says

At the start of his career, Billy Fury's love of animals proved a constant source of embarrassment to his management, who were trying to mould him into a surly rock'n'roller. By 1965, Fury had broadened into a lukewarm entertainer, and this effort, which desperately plugged his affection for his four-legged friends, was a misguided attempt to (a) widen his appeal to mums, and (b) to regain some of the fans that he and other solo artists had lost since the advent of groupmania in 1963. The film slipped by unnoticed.

By: CPe


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Kenneth Hume
Ronald Chesney, Ronald Wolfe
The Gamblers
Bill Fraser
Leslie Dwyer
The Bachelors
Amanda Barrie
Michael Medwin
Billy Fury
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