J.A. Martin, Photographer


Time Out says

Leaden venture into the world of the period 'art' movie, not so much meditative as cataleptic. Primarily about Rose-Aimée and her decision to abandon her household temporarily to accompany her photographer husband on one of his annual tours (in 19th century Quebec), the title seems misplaced; indeed, this sort of erratic emphasis dogs the whole farrago. The structure works by too simple a process of accretion - a succession of 'telling' vignettes at each halt, as the couple photographically encounter capitalism, death, marriage, love, sex, even a miscarriage (he impassively reaches for his shovel). Their final rekindling of passion is only barely justified by the previous pedestrian episodes. And it's all heavily sunk with the usual up-market trappings: ochre tints, half-lit interiors, blank inter-scene pauses, long-held reaction shots; as if Bergman had got hold of The Archers. CPea.


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Jean Beaudin
Jean Beaudin, Marcel Sabourin
Marcel Sabourin
Monique Mercure
Marthe Thierry
Catherine Tremblay
Mariette Duval
Denis Hamel