Jack and Jill

Film, Comedy
2 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

2 out of 5 stars
Adam Sandler’s new comedy may be totally mediocre, but that’s still a big step up from the intensely unwatchable comedies he produced last year (see – or rather, don’t – ‘Just Go with It’ and ‘Zookeeper’). Sandler plays both title characters: Jack, a struggling adman, and Jill, the vulgar, oafish twin sister who becomes his unwanted houseguest. Admittedly, the film is merely a series of random celebrity cameos and shameless product placements (in one case, both – thank you, the guy from the Subway advert!). But there are a few moments of inspired absurdity, mostly provided by a surprisingly energetic Al Pacino, playing himself and channeling the smitten millionaire Joe E Brown from ‘Some Like It Hot’, as he falls head over heels for Jill.

By: Matt Singer



Release details

Release date:
Friday February 3 2012
0 mins

Cast and crew

Dennis Dugan
Adam Sandler
Katie Holmes
Al Pacino
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