Jack the Giant Killer


Time Out says

Amiable children's fantasy, looking uncannily like one of the Schneer-Harryhausen series. Hardly surprising, perhaps, since Edward Small turned down the chance to produce The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, then set out to duplicate it when it turned out to be a huge success. Unable to persuade Harryhausen to cooperate along with Juran, Mathews and Thatcher, Small had 'Harryhausen' special effects created by Project Unlimited. Far more persuasive than the jerky demonic creatures (including a griffin and an octopedic sea monster) is Torin Thatcher's sinister, Lugosi-like performance as the wicked Master of Demons.


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Nathan Juran
Nathan Juran, Orville Hampton
Don Beddoe
Anna Lee
Torin Thatcher
Roger Mobley
Barry Kelley
Judi Meredith
Walter Burke
Kerwin Mathews
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