Time Out says

A change of direction from Twin Falls Idaho, the Polish Brothers' second feature is a likeably low key road movie following American dreamer Sunny (Gries) as he drives his old pink Cadillac and partner Les (Morris) on the endless 'Disco Cowboy' trail to the town of Jackpot. This downbeat set-up is familiar, but like a good blues or country melody, you don't mind hearing it again. There are some tricks (shots through the opening of a car cassette), offputting silences and leftfield digressions, but the basics - the singing, the clubs, the roadstops - are all present and correct. Like an easy-over version of Midnight Cowboy, it's obvious the relationship of Sunny and his wife (Hannah) can't compete with the all-male comforts of artist and road manager.


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Polish
Mark Polish, Michael Polish
Jon Gries
Garrett Morris
Daryl Hannah
Anthony Edwards
Crystal Bernard
Peggy Lipton
Adam Baldwin
Patrick Bauchau
Mac Davis
Rosie O'Grady
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