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A little too oblique for its own good, this modest indie feature from two first-time directors (of Chinese and Yugoslav descent respectively) usefully counters the feel good tone of most Asian-American movies about the immigrant experience. Hu himself plays the title character, an unassertive 25-year-old stuck in boring Eindhoven who trundles refreshment trolleys up and down Dutch trains. Ordered to marry by his tough-old-bird mother, Jacky finds himself sharing an Amsterdam apartment with a mail-order bride from China (Wu). But he also passively accepts the friendship of an opera queen (Guo) - until his mother intervenes. Composed of short and often wordless scenes, the film seems to have more subtext than text.

By: TR


Release details

77 mins

Cast and crew

Hu Fow-Pyng, Brad Ljatifi
Hu Fow-Pyng, Brad Ljatifi
Hu Fow-Pyng
Eveline Wu
Gary Guo
Zhou Xuanwei
Toh Jian-Pau
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