Jadviga's Pillow


Time Out says

Ondris (Bodó) and his Slovakian friends drunkenly celebrate his prospective marriage. Jadviga the bride (Tóth) is clothed, with deliberate care, in traditional Hungarian finery. A sense of palpable anticipation builds. Jadviga's a woman with secrets. It isn't long before the differences between the strong, passionate wife and her doting, but weak and impetuous husband lead to a rift. Disaster beckons. The tale, from a novel by Pál Závada, is set against a backdrop of violence and secession in the period before and during WWI. The fractured relationship of the antagonists, their friends and family is reflected in that of war-torn Hungary, riven by power struggles between monarchists, communists and Slovakian nationalists.


Release details

127 mins

Cast and crew

Krisztina Deák
Krisztina Deák, Pál Závada
Ildikó Tóth
Viktor Bodó
Roman Luknár
Mari Csomós
Eszter Ónodi
Béla Fesztbaum