Jam Session: The Official Bootleg of Kikujiro


Time Out says

When Office Kitano commissioned Shinozaki to record Kitano's work on Kikujiro from the start of shooting to the screening of the 'A' copy, they knew he wouldn't do a standard 'Making of'. Since Kitano shot the film more or less in sequence and improvised a lot, Shinozaki is able to turn his documentary into an authentic 'bootleg': an anthology of out-takes, mistakes and deleted scenes which adds up to a 'parallel' version of the film itself. It's also a very candid portrait of Kitano in his self-deprecatory prime - especially when nearly lost for words during a social chat with Hou Xiaoxian. One caveat: Kitano himself sings the song under the end credits.


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Makoto Shinozaki
Hou Xiaoxian
'Beat' Takeshi
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