Jane and the Lost City

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

This would-be romp based around the saucy exploits of the oft-déshabillée, cami-knickered heroine (Hughes) of the Daily Mirror's wartime 'Jane' strip cartoon is bad beyond the promptings of idle curiosity. Churchill stabs at a map of Africa and dispatches clipped-upper-lip Colonel (Bailey) and secretary Jane in search of much-needed diamonds to save the Empire at its darkest hour. A haphazard journey later, they team up with life-saving Yank Jungle Jack Buck (Jones), and trek through the veldt two comic capers ahead of evil Nazis Lola Pagoda (Adams) and hysterical Herr Heinrich (Carrott, a deep mistake), before reaching the cardboard Lost City presided over by Sheba the Leopard Queen, late of Roedean. Notwithstanding the spasmodic salacious shots of Jane's principal silk-clad joints, the film translates the innocent eroticism and tongue-in-cheek adventurism of the strip into a pile of puerile, enervative folie.

By: WH


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Terry Marcel
Mervyn Haisman
Sam Jones
Maud Adams
Jasper Carrott
Kirsten Hughes
Graham Stark
Robin Bailey
Ian Roberts
Elsa O'Toole
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