Jardines Colgantes


Time Out says

Joining the long line of cinema's shy, bespectacled voyeurs is Flete's repressed tailor, obsessed by his dream of clothing absolutely without decoration. In search of a perfect piece of leather, he falls into the hands of a ruthless warehouse owner (Atkine), who purloins his precious tailor's knife and compels him to make a dashing suit to win the heart of an unwilling local girl (Bollaín). Sexual and professional jealousy entwine to make this a slow-burning tale of desire and perversity, studded with erotic symbols (roses, blood, tattoos, knives, tight corsetry). Atkine is stunning as the vain, garrulous, frightening mobster.

By: SFe


Release details

116 mins

Cast and crew

Pablo Llorca
Pablo Llorca
Féodor Atkine
Iciar Bollaín
Luis Flete
Rafael Diaz
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