Time Out says

Splendid tosh from Gainsborough, home of the postwar British movie melodrama, with Lockwood as a 19th century gypsy girl who has the gift of second sight and is saved from the forfeit for witchcraft (a ducking in the village pond) by Dermot Walsh, rightful owner of the local manor house. Later involved in tortuous romantic complications culminating in an accusation of murder, she nevertheless contrives to find true love and see justice done all round. Stock 'period' characters in full-blooded performances; not to everyone's taste, but a testament to the vigour of Gainsborough's style in a period of otherwise dour British cinema.

By: MA


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Bernard Knowles
Dorothy Christie, Campbell Christie, Geoffrey Kerr
Margaret Lockwood
Patricia Roc
Dennis Price
Basil Sydney
Dermot Walsh
Nora Swinburne
Cathleen Nesbitt
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