Je suis né d'une cigogne


Time Out says

Far more fanciful and pretentious than Gatlif's gypsy films, this metaphorical road movie reunites Gadjo Dilo's Duris and Hartner as a rebellious young couple on the run from a life of tedious conformism. Stealing a car, they meet up with an Arab kid and a wounded stork whom they take for an illegal Algerian immigrant and decide to reunite with his family in Germany. The camera trickery and wacky, noisome 'comedy' soon grate, the attempts to emulate early Godard are mainly offbeam, and the overriding thesis about borders and alienation is woolly and unilluminating.

By: GA


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Tony Gatlif
Tony Gatlif
Romain Duris
Rona Hartner
Ouassini Embarek
Christine Pignet
Marc Nouyrigat
Muse Dalbray
Suzanne Flon
Daniel Laloux
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