Time Out says

A good example of the sucker punch. Make a nicely photographed New York boy-meets-girl story, done with the same glossy colour supplement superficiality that the boy condemns in his parents, and you too can win best first film prize at Cannes. Have Jeremy, an aspiring cellist of 16, meet aspiring ballet dancer just as shy and sensitive. Make them fall in love as they sing the theme song to each other on the soundtrack. Then one day, when it's raining and they're bored with their game of chess, get Jeremy to take off his glasses and fuck her ever so tastefully. Sew it all up by having tragedy strike three weeks and four days later. Vaguely liberal parents and moist-palmed adolescents may succumb, but most will probably emerge feeling somewhat redundant.

By: CPe


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Arthur Barron
Arthur Barron
Robby Benson
Glynnis O'Connor
Len Bari
Leonardo Cimino
Ned Wilson
Chris Bohn
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