Jersey Girl


Time Out says

New Jersey schoolteacher Toby (Gertz) wants to trade loyal friends and the local diner for ritzy dates on Fifth Avenue. At the Mercedes showroom parking lot, she collides her battered VW into the new Mercedes belonging to Prince Charming, aka Sal (McDermott), whose vast wealth conceals his blue-collar background. His involvement with snobbish Tara (Lee) comes to an abrupt end when she makes one too many allusions to having helped him from the gutter; but can he and Toby overcome class differences and her declared ambition to look like a 'city girl'? This shamelessly contrived romance, which makes a half-hearted attempt to denigrate materialism and '80s aspirations, lurches from one predictable exchange to the next. Mind-numbing.

By: CM


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

David Burton Morris
Gina Wendkos
Jami Gertz
Dylan McDermott
Molly Price
Aida Turturro
Star Jasper
Sheryl Lee
Joseph Bologna
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