Jeux Interdits

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Clément's notorious eclecticism can surely never have been so marked within a single film as in this all-purpose allegory, anti-war tract and noir-ish morality. Waifish children create their own secret animal cemetery and honour it with the monuments of the human dead, while World War II holocaust and petty family feuds form a perverse backdrop to their 'innocence' - or, perhaps, a mirror to the 'perversion' of their forbidden games. Unfortunately, such a potentially fascinating patchwork is glossed over with an irritating layer of heartstring humanism, and now looks 'touching' rather than challenging.

By: PT


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

René Clément
Jean Aurenche, François Boyer, Pierre Bost
Lucien Hubert
Jacques Marin
Brigitte Fossey
Laurence Badie
Suzanne Courtal
Georges Poujouly
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