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Time Out says

By far the best of the later L & H features, with the pair playing a two-man jazz band who fall foul of a gang of conmen in attempting to help singer Vivian Blaine recover the money they have swindled. Although one or two close-ups show Laurel looking distinctly ravaged, his illness never hampers the film, which is elegant, inventive, and beautifully paced by Mal St Clair. Even the musical numbers are attractive, thanks to Vivian Blaine and the jitterbug sequence near the beginning which sees L & H handling all the instruments in the band (including trumpet in the Harry James manner). One gem of a sequence has Laurel in hilarious drag as auntie, while Hardy, masquerading as a gallant Southern colonel, exchanges wonderful sweet nothings with Lee Patrick.

By: TM


Release details

74 mins

Cast and crew

Malcolm St Clair
W Scott Darling
Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Vivian Blaine
Bob Bailey
Lee Patrick
Douglas Fowley
Noel Madison
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