Joint Security Area/JSA


Time Out says

An incident in the JSA (the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea) leaves two N Korean border guards dead and one S Korean wounded. The Swiss-Korean woman officer (Lee Young-Ae) heading the neutral enquiry into the skirmish gets nowhere until she stumbles upon a history of secret fraternisation between some of the border guards on both sides. It's decently directed and acted; easy to see why it did better than Shiri in Korea, although it fudges the political questions by casting the ultra-charismatic Song Kang-Ho as the main commie soldier. But the message that all Koreans could get along fine if it wasn't for those pesky ideologies and uniforms doesn't mean a thing outside Korea, and the film is too entranced by all the male bonding to begin to function as an effective mystery.

By: TR


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Park Chan-Wook
Kim Hyun-Seok, Lee Moo-Young, Jung Seong-San, Park Chan-Wook
Song Kang-Ho
Lee Byung-Heon
Lee Young-Ae
Kim Tae-woo
Shin Ha-Kyun
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