Joint Security Area/JSA


Time Out says

An incident in the JSA (the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea) leaves two N Korean border guards dead and one S Korean wounded. The Swiss-Korean woman officer (Lee Young-Ae) heading the neutral enquiry into the skirmish gets nowhere until she stumbles upon a history of secret fraternisation between some of the border guards on both sides. It's decently directed and acted; easy to see why it did better than Shiri in Korea, although it fudges the political questions by casting the ultra-charismatic Song Kang-Ho as the main commie soldier. But the message that all Koreans could get along fine if it wasn't for those pesky ideologies and uniforms doesn't mean a thing outside Korea, and the film is too entranced by all the male bonding to begin to function as an effective mystery.


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Park Chan-Wook
Kim Hyun-Seok, Lee Moo-Young, Jung Seong-San, Park Chan-Wook
Song Kang-Ho
Lee Byung-Heon
Lee Young-Ae
Kim Tae-woo
Shin Ha-Kyun
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