Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience

3 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

Call us cynical, but isn’t there something just a tiny bit iffy about three sworn virgins performing a rock show in which the climax has them shooting gallons of white “party” foam over their adoring girl fans? Questionable or not, it’s one of many strangely enjoyable moments in this movie of a Jonas Brothers concert at Madison Square Garden last August. Like their fellow tweenie sensation Hannah Montana, the boys are the perfect stars to get the three-dimensional treatment—their sworn chastity making them at once safe and unattainable to little girls. Drumsticks and guitar picks are tossed into the audience, the brothers gym-flip across the stage, and crucially, there are close-ups of their faces. Aaaargh!

Which brings us to screaming—not from the movie itself, but the shrieking that’s guaranteed to be taking place in movie theaters filled with young girls going gaga at the merest hint of a 3-D Jonas chest. Besides the concert footage, JB 3D is scattered with “real life” scenes and Help!-style vignettes (running down the street chased by girls, playing songs on the grass in Central Park). And in case you were wondering how the boys let off steam postgig, the answer is obvious—shake up bottles of champagne and spray it all over everyone.--Sophie Harris

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