Josh and S.A.M.


Time Out says

Driven to despair by his dysfunctional extended family, angst-ridden Josh Whitney (Tierney) strings his younger sibling Sam a fanciful line - Sam is not a real kid, but a Strategically Altered Mutant, sold by his parents for government warfare. Perversely, Sam embraces the lie, which miraculously explains his feelings of isolation, aggression, obsession with death, and his detachment from mom and dad. When Josh and Sam make a run for the open road, freaky coincidences conspire to prop up the delusion. Ultra-jowly newcomer Fleiss (Sam) ably portrays a child's sullen confusion when faced with the tawdry grottiness of the real world. Yet even with him, and some bitter one-liners in its favour, the overall picture is as confused and disjointed as Sam's own tortured outlook.

By: MK


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Billy Weber
Frank Deese
Jacob Tierney
Noah Fleiss
Martha Plimpton
Stephen Tobolowsky
Joan Allen
Chris Penn
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