Journey of a Young Composer


Time Out says

The year is 1907 and tensions are running high in the Eastern Georgian countryside, with the Tsar's cossacks seeking to crush any further insurrection. Nikusha, the young composer, drifts innocently into the area to record the music of the local peasants. Accompanied by the boisterous Leko, who's convinced that he's connected with the underground, he makes his appointed rounds on the nobility, who go about their business like extras in a George Romero feature. Leko, swaggering and spitting, leering and swearing, stomping his feet and chewing with his mouth open (all before dinner is served), quickly inspires the wrath of his grey hosts...Shengelaya meticulously records the events of the pair's mysterious adventure, but sadly neglects the spectator. A lot is happening but there's very little to see, apart from Leko's (Peradze's) embarrassing performance.


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Georgi Shengelaya
Erlom Achwlediani, Georgi Shengeleya
Levan Abashidze
Zurab Kipshidze
Rusudan Kvlividze
Giya Peradze
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