Julie Walking Home


Time Out says

An often intriguing, but perhaps over-ambitious work, Julie Walking Home examines the porous boundary between rationalism and faith, a line crossed when a young Canadian boy is diagnosed with cancer and conventional treatments fail. Hearing of a hands-on Russian healer operating in Poland, mother Julie (Otto) beats a hasty path to his nomadic door, son in tow, only to find herself stirred by his enigmatic presence. There's interesting comment on gender, generational and migrant difficulties throughout, but the success of the whole is challenged by an often frenetic assembly and a default to brisk psychology when more reflection is required.

By: GE


Release details

118 mins

Cast and crew

Agnieszka Holland
Agnieska Holland, Roman Gren, Arlene Sarner
Miranda Otto
William Fichtner
Lothaire Bluteau
Ryan Smith
Bianca Crudo
Jerzy Nowak
Boguslaw Schubert
Michael D'Ascenzo
Mark Day
Piotr Rekawik
Maciej Stuhr
Sheree Smith
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