Jump the Gun


Time Out says

Johannesburg, a town where a violent crime occurs every 17 seconds. This is the first film to take the lid off the new South Africa, to create a scenario around living, breathing individuals coming to terms with life in these post-Mandela times. There's poor white Clint, who thinks that the country's getting 'very black' and gun-ownership will solve his problems; there's Minnie, a white prostitute who drinks and has lost her kid; Gugu, who's black and wants to sing in a band, and will sleep with whoever it takes. There's Thabo, who studied and got out of Soweto, and Zoo, who stayed but has changed from township activist to car-hijacking gang leader - even if he is confined to a wheelchair. How these people, who've been brought up apart, get together, is a mix of sex, music and common decency. Great performances, notably from Newton's Clint and Michele Burgers' Minnie, make this a film, written and directed by one-time Mike Leigh collaborator Les Blair, that's genuinely original and genuinely magnificent.


Release details

124 mins

Cast and crew

Les Blair
Les Blair
Baby Cele
Lionel Newton
Michele Burgers
Thulani Nyembe
Rapulana Seiphemo
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