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Nothing is inconceivable: big Arnie's having a baby - and he's the mother. In the past, movie scientists with the hubris to play God over nature have met with thundering Gothic retribution; no such fate befalls Dr Hesse (Schwarzenegger) after experimenting on himself with a new wonder drug. Arnie has dabbled with the comic implications of genetic science before in Twins. This too is a one-joke movie, but at least it's a good joke. Once more director Reitman pulls the strings, slackly at first, but with ever-increasing assurance, and DeVito is back on board as Hesse's collaborator Dr Arbogast. Just as Cary Grant was once the apotheosis of masculinity and therefore ripe for humiliation, so there is something inherently, essentially funny about a feminised Arnie. He's more than matched by the hilariously dizzy Thompson as the unwitting 'father'. They must be the unlikeliest couple of 1994, but, I swear, they're great together. Call it... chemistry.

By: TCh


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Ivan Reitman
Ivan Reitman, Kevin Wade, Christian Conrad
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Danny DeVito
Emma Thompson
Frank Langella
Pamela Reed
Judy Collins
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