Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.


Time Out says

Chantal (Johnson) lives in the Brooklyn projects. She's an A student, but her street sassiness leads to her downfall, alienating teachers and attracting Tyrone (Thigpen), a jeep-driving fly guy, who smooth talks Chantal into unprotected sex. Soon she's facing abortion or teenage motherhood. Being generous to Harris's debut would earn PC credibility, since this is the first film written and directed by an African-American woman to gain British distribution. One could dwell on Johnson's in-your-face performance, or how refreshing it is to see a black New York drama played out by homegirls. But, facing facts, the climax is unpersuasive and the happy end a cop-out.

By: CO'S


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Leslie Harris
Leslie Harris
Ariyan Johnson
Kevin Thigpen
Ebony Jerido
Chequita Jackson
Jerard Washington
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