Just Between Friends


Time Out says

In this pseudo-sophisticated weepie, the ongoing relationships are those between two buddy seismologists, and between a loving wife and her lonely female newscaster friend who is having an affair with one of the quake-quacks, who just happens to be married to the aforesaid wife (a fit but wizened MTM). As is usual in such cases, the wife is the only person not to know what is going on, but after the adulterer's death in an auto smash while attending an anti-nuclear rally in Washington, she does find out. And the adulteress is pregnant...Even given the sensitive performances and fitfully humorous script, the end product is exactly what might be expected to eradicate stains from white-collar conscience: soap. But for those who can pause-button the mind, it works.


Release details

120 mins

Cast and crew

Allan Burns
Allan Burns
Mary Tyler Moore
Ted Danson
Christine Lahti
Sam Waterston
Salome Jens
Jane Greer
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