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Stan (Jackson) has woman problems. A bad breakup has left him distressed, crazy-eyed and prone to random bursts of misogyny. "They're all worthless," he tells his old friend Billy (Stahl), who's back home nursing his own shattered romantic dreams. But lest you think he's just letting off steam, Stan's been pointing guns at chicks at stoplights; worse, his ex-girlfriend, Ashley (Tal), has gone not-so-mysteriously missing. According to the film's questionable, noxious take on the fairer sex: Well, she did seem to be asking for it.

Apparently based on the idea that some guys just love their gals too much, Kalamity is an awkward, unforgivably slack thriller that takes elaborate pains to show how supposedly easy it is to go from heartbreak to homicide. Stan is the kind of lady-killer who just wants to settle down and start a family; too bad every female in sight is punishingly shrill. Writer-director James M. Hausler tries to get all Hitchcockian by wringing suspense out of Billy's gradual discovery of what viewers already know about Stan, but inane dialogue, extraneous scenes and wooden performances make for an experience that's less edge-of-your-seat than one very long, amateur
hour and a half. The longer this catastrophe takes to reach its
blessed end, the more probable it seems that the movie actually takes its chauvinist lament seriously.

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