Time Out says

The absolute high-point of German socialist film-making of its period. Pabst imagines a coal-mine on the French-German border, where the aftermath of World War I is still being played out: French prosperity and chauvinism hard up against German inflation and unemployment. There's a disaster in the French wing of the mine...and the German miners go to the rescue. Both the visual style and the 'message' of solidarity owe a lot to Soviet Socialist Realism, but Pabst was a more sophisticated social critic than any of the Russian film-makers. Only a bruised and cynical Berlin pessimist could produce a film as moving, sincere and committed as this.

By: TR


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

GW Pabst
Ladislaus Vajda, Karl Otten, Peter Martin Lampel, Fritz Eckardt
Fritz Kampers
Alexander Granach
Ernst Busch
Gustav Püttjer
Daniel Mendaille
Georges Charlia
Pierre Louis
Hélèna Manson
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