Karas: The Prophecy


Time Out says

It’s Anime does swords and sorcery with the first episode of this two-part series in which the world of demons and the world of humans slowly begins to converge and it’s up to the Karas – a bunch of shape-shifting human guardians – to save Tokyo from imminent destruction. “Restraint”, it seems, isn’t a word in director Keiichi Satou’s lexicon as the visuals, although spectacular, soon become tiresome after the seventh flying sword fight filmed with a furiously over-agile camera. Point of  interest: the film actually falls on the 40th anniverary of the Tatsunoko Production company who are responsible for such popular kids TV series as 'Battle of the Planets', and 'Robotech'.

By: David Jenkins



Release details

79 mins

Cast and crew

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