Karlsson on the Roof

Film, Family and kids

Time Out says

Astrid Lindgren's tale of a lonely Swedish lad who is befriended by a tubby, propeller-clad flying character is universally revered as one of the best children's books ever written. This animated adaptation attempts to highlight some of the book's heartwarming pleasures and mostly succeeds. The quality of animation, though, sadly lacks the glow of, say, Belleville Rendez-vous, and the titular character, too, is nowhere near as enchanting as Raymond Briggs' similarly styled Snowman. But it passes time agreeably enough.


Release details

77 mins

Cast and crew

Vibeke Idsøe
Vibeke Idsøe
Börje Ahlstedt
Pernilla August
Nils Eklund
Margaretha Krook
William Svedberg
Brasse Brännström
Magnus Härenstam
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