2 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

2 out of 5 stars
This Bollywood remake of a cult Bollywood hit, itself a remake of a minor Hollywood sex thriller, is pointless. Scheming Kamini (Matondkar) kills her rich husband Ravi (Morea). “Send him back to me!” his heartbroken mom shouts to Goddess Kali when she learns of her son’s demise. Naturally, Ravi is reborn as a short camp Barry Gibb look-alike Monty (Reshammiya), who seeks revenge. Designed to showcase leading singer-composer Reshammiya’s dubious acting skills, this vanity vehicle is the usual bolly-codswallop. Expect ham acting, inexplicable location shifts, a teary mother figure, a virginal heroine and the obligatory twist. With titles like ‘Tandoori Nights’ and ‘Hurry Om Hurry’, Himesh’s nine songs are hummable but, like this rehash, immediately forgettable.



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Release date:
Friday October 17 2008
145 mins

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