Kelly's Heroes

Film, Drama

Time Out says

A truly silly formula World War II adventure film - lots of familiar faces, lots of explosions, and the odd 'meaningful' remark - in which Eastwood's disreputable platoon (and assorted buddies) take a time out of war to rob a bank in occupied France containing 14,000 bars of German gold. Interesting only in so far as it reveals Eastwood's nonchalant attitude to the blockbuster. Unlike Sutherland, who tries desperately to act his way out of Troy Kennedy Martin's laboured script, Eastwood just strolls through the film, along the way creating its few cinematic moments.

By: PH


Release details

145 mins

Cast and crew

Brian G Hutton
Troy Kennedy Martin
Clint Eastwood
Telly Savalas
Donald Sutherland
Don Rickles
Carroll O'Connor
Stuart Margolin
Harry Dean Stanton
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