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Kickboxing is what it says it is: fisticuffs with feet. Kickboxer is an upfront title, too - don't see it for psychological complexity, social comment, acting, plot or humour; go, if you nust, just for kicks. There is a story. Two brothers: Eric (Alexio), all-American asshole, is KB champion stateside; Kurt (Van Damme) is the sensitive type - mother made him take ballet lessons before he learned karate! Big brother goes on an ego-trip to Bangkok 'to kick ass', gets pulped, and ends up paralysed to boot. Given the choice of caring for his bro' or beating the shit out of his opponent, Kurt goes into training with an oriental guru and emerges 'a man'. Further motivated by the knifing of his dog, raping of his girl, and kidnapping of Eric, Kurt is not about to turn the other cheek when he finally gets into the ring. In some movies these events might suggest a dehumanising process; here they are a route to mythification. It's the facistic tale of the making of a man, the 'white warrior', virgin avenger Van Damme. At least he ain't Chuck Norris.

By: TCh


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Mark DiSalle, David Worth
Glenn Bruce
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Dennis Alexio
Dennis Chan
Tong Po
Haskell Anderson
Rochelle Ashana
Steve Lee
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