Kicked in the Head

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A self-consciously 'cool' US indie comedy-drama from the director of the similarly derivative Rhythm Thief, in which Corrigan (who co-wrote it) - horribly indulged, self-indulgent and unsympathetic in his 'cute' confusion and adolescent desires - pursues his dopey spiritual quest for truth while dealing with a petty criminal uncle (Woods), manic entrepreneur buddy (Rappaport), devoted admirer (Taylor) and the object of his desire, an improbably yielding world-weary air hostess (Fiorentino). Too determinedly offbeat, and much too perniciously flip - gunfights are funny, men's immature sexual fantasies are to be indulged by mature women - for its own good.

By: GA


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Matthew Harrison
Matthew Harrison, Kevin Corrigan
Kevin Corrigan
Linda Fiorentino
Michael Rappaport
James Woods
Burt Young
Lili Taylor
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