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You may already know that a) this is supposed to be Almodóvar's flop; and b) you must wax all indignant over That Rape Scene. The sang froid displayed by Kika (Forqué, brilliant) during her ordeal is, if anything, the director's cock-eyed tribute to the power of women, as is the reason for the attack: a crazed ex-porn actor and escaped criminal Pablo (Lajusticia) breaks into Kika's house, finds her asleep, but can't resist sniffing her fanny. Yes, it's grotesque, but also touching, daring and very funny. Male viewers seem to resent having to recognise themselves in dim-witted Pablo. The film also fields Coyote, clinging on to youth by what appears to be false teeth and a pageboy wig. Kika's narcoleptic lover Ramón is played by cute Casanovas, and Abril's stylish Andrea Scarface presents a true-crime show which gives the film its funniest moments. When the fuss has died down, most people will agree that this is a return to form after the slightly disappointing High Heels, and is full of magic Almodóvar moments.


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114 mins

Cast and crew

Pedro Almodóvar
Pedro Almodóvar
Alex Casanovas
Peter Coyote
Rossy de Palma
Victoria Abril
Verónica Forqué
Santiago Lajusticia
Bibi Andersen
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