Killer Nun

Film, Horror

Time Out says

A dated blend of softcore sleaze, routine blood-letting and explicable coyness, this stars an over-the-hill Ekberg as a nun who has given up la dolce vita for a life behind convent hospital walls. A secret junkie whose past sexual traumas and drug-induced hallucinations transform her from a caring angel into an avenging one, Ekberg loses her patience and starts killing patients. Given this excessive scenario, why the quaint evasions? Lesbianism is hinted at but not shown, scenes of Ekberg shooting up are filmed with her back to the camera. Isolated scenes spill over into camp humour, as when the hysterical Ekberg repeatedly stamps on an old lady's dentures. A censored version, running 81 minutes, removed two 'nasties' (the needle in the eye/scalpel to the skull sequences).

By: NF


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Giulio Berruti
Alberto Tarallo, Giulio Berriti
Massimo Serato
Alida Valli
Joe Dallesandro
Lou Castel
Anita Ekberg
Laura Nucci
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