Kilometre Zero

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Iraq, 1988: unable to leave the country while his bed-riddden father-in-law remains alive, Kurd Ako (Kirik) is forced to join Saddam’s army, and finds himself escorting a soldier’s corpse through the desert to his family, in a truck driven by a Kurd-hating Arab (Ekrem). While the sincerity of feeling behind this serio-comic road movie is never in question, the script is clumsy and predictable, the acting one-note and the direction fairly rudimentary. One particularly feels for Bilgin who, as Ako’s wife, is simply required to be either shrewishly hot-tempered or compliantly sexy. That thin characterisation is symptomatic of the movie’s generally undernourished feel.



Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Hiner Saleem
Hiner Saleem
Nazmi Kirik
Eyam Ekrem
Belcim Bilgin