King Jack

Film, Action and adventure
4 out of 5 stars
King Jack

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

This US indie coming-of-age drama nails what it's really like to be a teenager

With references to sexting and a hazy Instagram-filtered look, it would be easy to write ‘King Jack’ off as just another modern coming-of-age-story. What sets the movie apart though, is its ability to capture the fear of teenage-hood, without patronising its characters. Set over one summer weekend in a rundown town, the movie follows 15-year-old Jack (Charlie Plummer) and his 12-year-old cousin Ben (Cory Nichols) as they try and escape from neighbourhood bullies.

Jack is no weedy victim; he’s an angry outcast, who’s happy to provoke, fight and vandalise. Equally, the film’s bullies are no gormless meatheads – they’re nasty and unpredictable. At one point they gleefully strap Ben to a chair and shoot him with a paintball gun, at another they beat Jack to a pulp while he’s half-naked. This sadistic and very adult violence makes for unnerving viewing, and might evoke the terror of your own teenage years.

Of course, getting beaten up isn’t the only thing teenagers are afraid of. Throughout the course of the weekend, Jack faces his first sexual encounter, his first party, harsh words from his mum and the realisation that his crush has shared a dick pic he sent her with her friends. This is true-to-life teenage stuff.


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Release date:
Friday February 26 2016
81 mins

Cast and crew

Felix Thompson
Felix Thompson
Charlie Plummer
Cory Nichols
Christian Madsen
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