King of the Damned


Time Out says

Basically just another of those penal colony movies, set in a Caribbean Devil's Island, with the convicts rebelling against a sadistic regime. Not uninteresting, though, in the Popular Front slant to its script whereby Veidt, having led a successful revolt against the cruelly oppressive (but temporary) governor, plays desperately for time before the news gets out because his main objective is to prove that the island can be run profitably and peacefully by the convicts themselves. Though too good to be true as a character (as is his bluff sidekick, played by Beery), Veidt gives his usual admirable performance; the camera-work (Bernard Knowles) is remarkably atmospheric; and Forde's direction is more than capable.

By: TM


Release details

76 mins

Cast and crew

Walter Forde
Charles Bennett, Sidney Gilliat
Conrad Veidt
Helen Vinson
Noah Beery
Cecil Ramage
Edmund Willard
Raymond Lovell
Percy Parsons
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