Kiss the Girls

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Detective Alex Cross (Freeman) reassures a woman that she was justified in killing her abusive husband. Then we learn that the next victim of camp serial killer Casanova - Dr Kate McTiernan (Judd) - is no gimmicky 'new' woman. Neither saintly, nor 'GI Jane' macho, her best scenes occur in the killer's hideout, where he's collecting an array of female talent. Kate's desire to connect with these other women is palpable, and, thanks to Judd, notably moving. Nor does Kate's boldness become diluted once she joins forces with Cross. On the subject of race, the film is less impressive - its intentions are good, but it never digs deep. Why, for instance, are Freeman and Judd not allowed to develop their relationship (as they do in the James Patterson novel)? Nevertheless, a surprising, atmospheric treat.


Release details

115 mins

Cast and crew

Gary Fleder
David Klass
Morgan Freeman
Ashley Judd
Cary Elwes
Tony Goldwyn
Jay O Sanders
Alex MacArthur
Bill Nunn
Brian Cox
Jeremy Piven
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