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For anyone less than sold on the RD Laing cult, Munro's skilled direction of uncinematic material makes this film of the play based on his book Knots something less of an ordeal than might be expected. It centres on a series of classic double-bind situations which are personified by individual members of the Actors Company, and revealed by way of dialogue that consists entirely of a series of riddle-like verbal 'knots': 'You can't bear that I'm not interested in you being interested in me', or 'I'm afraid of the self that's afraid of the self that's afraid of the self'. It's not particularly earth-shattering, quite slight overall and a little didactic, in fact, but at least it's tackled with reasonable good humour and no psychological hair-tearing.


Release details

62 mins

Cast and crew

David I Munro
David I Munro
Edward Petherbridge
Caroline Blakiston
Tenniel Evans
Robin Ellis
Robert Eddison
RD Laing
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