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Time Out says

Benny the cop can pluck bullets from the air with his hands, and he shoots from the hip, or thereabouts - that is a pistol in his pocket, actually, and he can squeeze off several rounds just by thrusting his groin. At least, he can in his blockbuster fantasies, and there's ample time for daydreaming in the small Swedish town where Benny and his police colleagues pass the crimeless hours with snacking and street hockey. But then HQ sends a rep to shut down their inactive station. 'You have no crime here,' she explains, so the aggrieved squad set about correcting that impression - first with graffiti and upended rubbish bins, then with a real explosion and a fake kidnapping. Josef Fares' follow-up to Jalla, Jalla! is a sweet absurdist soufflé filled with endearing grace notes and priceless sight gags, hitting delirious comic peaks whenever it enters Benny's Hollywood-addled brainscapes. JWin.

By: JWin


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Josef Fares
Josef Fares, Mikael Håfström
Fares Fares
Torkel Petersson
Göran Ragnerstam
Sissela Kyle
Eva Röse
Christian Fiedler
Erik Ahrnbom
Harry Goldstein
Michael Fares
Viktor Friberg
Jan Fares
Yngve Dahlberg
Kerstin Hellström
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