Krush Groove


Time Out says

One would have thought a movie based on rap, the hip (not to say hop) sound of the mid-'80s, and featuring some of its hottest protagonists, would be sure to inspire an original story-line. But this is a Grade A stop-me-if-you've-heard-this-one-before plot. Young bloods form label, have hit, need cash to press yet more records. Enter loan shark, enter Big Deal record co, enter romance (Sheila E), entertainment. A subplot features the Three Stooges, aka the Fat Boys, attempting to make good in glamorous pop despite a noticeable lack of physical allurements. Clearly these doings are merely a device to break up the songs performed (Kurtis Blow and Sheila E are the best acts). Stick with the soundtrack.

By: EBr


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Schultz
Ralph Farquar
Blair Underwood
Joseph Simmons
Sheila E
Fat Boys
Daryll McDaniels
Kurtis Blow
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