Kung Phooey!

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Schooled in kung fu at the Shirley Temple, Art Chew (bless you!) comes West in search of the Ancient Peach and the secret of Eternal Youth. He's met by cousin Waymon and black sidekick Roy Lee, but soon the schtick hits the fan, and all three are in trouble with MSG-pusher Helen Hu ('Who she?') and her henchmen Lo Fat and One Ton. This cheerfully slapdash martial arts spoof deserves environmental points for recycling: 'Walk this way,' lisps Lo Fat, hobbling into his mistress' presence, a gag at least as old as the talkies. Inevitably hit and miss, the Naked Gun-style tomfoolery doesn't build up a head of steam, but at least Fong and his cronies have an affectionate eye for parody - it's very clearly a film by Asian Americans about a trash movie culture they hold dear (on the other hand, 'Jean-Claude Croissant' gets very short shrift).

By: TCh


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Darryl Fong
Darryl Fong
Michael Chow
Joyce Thi Brew
Colman Domingo
Karena Davis
Wallace Choy
Robert Wu
Fred Salvallon
Stuart Yee
Darryl Fong
Karl Heinz Teuber
Jones Allen-Chan
Todd Senofonte
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