Kunpan – The Legend of the Warlord


Time Out says

A grandiloquent period epic, garnished with a range of 'magical' DV effects, about the revenge of a warrior tricked by his ruler. Kunpan is despatched to battle Burmese invaders by a king who promptly carries off the warrior's wife. Discovering the treachery, Kunpan spends a year or so in the jungle picking up mystical martial arts skills, and returns to reclaim his bride - only to be tricked again and imprisoned for life. No surprise, the eventual outcome is tragic. Thanit offers a hokey blend of action, magic and exotic spectacle, keeping the material close to its pulp roots. As usual, his best efforts are reserved for the virile, macho elements, but this is altogether less impressive than his nationalist epic Bang Rajan.

By: TR


Release details

122 mins

Cast and crew

Thanit Jitnukul
Sarawut In-phrom, Kongkiat Khomsiri, Marisa Mallikamarl
Nimit Pipithkul
Pintip Satpretpry
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